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What to do about tight, tense muscles.

flexibility stretching Jan 29, 2023
Hip Flexor Stretch

We all want to be flexible and supple. It’s an important part of general health and wellness.

If your body is flexible and supple, you’ll be able to move your joints freely, and be able to get about easily in your daily life.

Think back to when you were younger and you could touch your toes. Today you might be finding it harder to reach up high above your head, or get up and down off the floor.

However, if doesn’t matter what your age, you can make improvements in your flexibility. Improved flexibility means daily movements become easier, and any painful niggles will start to disappear.

I’m sure you’re already aware of how good it feels to stretch out your body. Stretching helps to relax the body, and help ease any tension or stress. It’s good for the mind as well as your body.

As we age, our once flexible body becomes stiff and more rigid. But why does this happen?

Being flexible and supple is the ability to have a good range of movement around our joints, but this is dependent on the muscles around the joints.

As we get older, we generally become less active. We sit more than we should, so we move less. Being less active only contributes to a loss in flexibility. But if we start moving move, we can regain our flexibility.

I have seen so many women who have been to my Pilates classes with restricted movement, back pain from tight muscles, and the difficulty they have at getting up off the mat. But I have also seen how quickly these women have improved their flexibility and become more supple and regained fluid and easy body movements. I have seen women with arthritis and knee replacements, all benefit from staying active and flexible.

Pilates helps you to move your body with simple exercises that are gentle on the joints. The movements and stretches combined, will make your body feel more open, refreshed, invigorated, not to mention stretched. You don’t have to wait long to feel the benefits. Many ladies tell me after their first session how stretched they feel at the end and how much better they feel.

It is possible to regain your flexibility so that your body feels supple and you can move again like you could when you were younger. You just have to start moving move.

Why not get started with a little stretching today. Click the link below to one of my stretching routines on YouTube. There’s a long intro before the routines gets going. So if you want to get straight into it, fast forward to 7mins 12 seconds. Saying that, the intro is quite interesting to listening to!

Pilates Stretch Routine for Menopause and Midlife


Ready to stretch some more?

Join me for The Flexible and Free Pilates Stretching programme.

This 30 day programme will gradually help you to feel more supple, have greater movement through your joints, help you to release any stiffness and tightness in your body, and help you relax your mind and body.

Start the programme with the Mindful Flexibility Quiz to assess how flexible you are before you start. Pick a routine to warm up your muscles, and follow along with one of the three stretch routines you'll have each week.

At the end of the programme take the Mindful Flexibility Quiz to find out how much your flexibility has improved.

During the programme you will be working on all areas of the body including legs, spine, hips, glutes, shoulders and more. In just one month you'll feel more supple, move easier, and feel more relaxed.

When you join the programme you'll also get 30 days FREE access to Pilates Strong and Supple - the membership programme for women during Menopause and Midlife.

 Click here to become Flexible and Free

Happy stretching!

Natalie x



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