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Hi, I’m Natalie! I can’t wait to help you discover a Pilates lifestyle that encourages your body to move well everyday.

Hi! I’m Natalie, the owner of Total Pilates.

Total Pilates has been offering Pilates classes in person and online for over 8 years, but as the classes have grown, the business has evolved and now encourages everyone who is interested in Pilates, to also look at what else they can do to enhance their overall wellbeing. 

Total Pilates has slowly become a lifestyle and wellness choice for many women. Not only encouraging movement, but also offering plant-based nutrition for gut health, and meditation and relaxation techniques to help with the stresses of everyday life.

Combining movement, nutrition and relaxation, we can all develop a wellbeing lifestyle that works for us, that is sustainable and enjoyable.

Everything is made flexible to help you choose what is the right fit for you. Pick a regular Zoom class, start your Pilates journey with the Elements Programme for beginners, or try out a selection of meditations. And when you're ready, decided to embrace a full Pilates Health and Wellbeing Lifestyle, full of movement, good nutrition and relaxation.


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Discover sustainable healthy living through movement, nutrition and relaxation.

Enjoy total wellbeing to balance the mind and body.



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