The Strong and Supple Pilates Membership

Create a life changing habit that you fall in love with and never want to give up.

Join the Strong and Supple Membership

A Membership to support you!

Discover powerful Pilates exercises, that will inspire you to transform the way you think about exercise.

It doesn't need to be demanding and time consuming, but it can be something you fall in love with, as you start to feel energised and rejuvenated, becoming aware of how much stronger and more supple you are, so that you can live your life to the full.

I want you to feel excited about moving your body, releasing yourself from aches, pains, tension and tightness, discovering a new health and fitness lifestyle you never want to give up.

About the membership

  • A monthly membership specifically for the over 50s.
  • New workouts added every month.
  • LIVE Zoom sessions for all levels.
  • All exercises fully explained and demonstrated.
  • Routines for beginners to the more advanced.
  • A series of programmes that start you off on your Pilates journey, and progress until you become an experience Pilates enthusiast.
  •  Help and support always available.
  • Monthly subscription you can cancel any time.

The benefits of a Total Pilates Membership

  • Restore your mobility, suppleness, strength and balance.
  • Feel more energised and relaxed.
  • Help reduce stiffness aches and pains.
  • Keep active and improve your fitness.
  • Exercise that is age-appropriate and easy on the joints.
  • Work at your own level of fitness with easy to follow sessions.
  • Support and guidance available every step of the way.

What else is in the membership and how does it work?


If you are new to Pilates, then the best place to start is with the Successful Beginner programme. This section will teach you the basic principles, giving you a solid foundation to progress your Pilates practice further.

If you know the basics then you can jump straight into the Health and Wellness section for Beginners. Start at the beginning, and  the exercises will slowly progress. The is also a weekly Health and Wellness Zoom class.

If you've done lots of Pilates before, then the Improvers section is for you, and it also include a more challenging weekly Zoom session. 

When you're ready to push yourself further, then the intermediate programme will be waiting for you.

You will also find:

  • The Stretch and Relaxation Zone
  • Workouts for beginners to the more advanced
  • Women's health section
  • The Therapy Lounge
  • Warm up routines
  • Monthly Themed Challenge Vault
  • Workouts from 5 mins up to 30 mins duration
  • Tutorials to describe each exercise in detail
  • 8 Zoom sessions every month
  • Access to all the Zoom replays in case you can't make it on the day


Develop your Pilates Practice

The simplest exercises can help us to solve the biggest problems we have. A slow and steady approach, where we listen to our body, become mindful of progressing exercises gradually, can be more valuable than trying to jump in at the deep end with exercises that our body just isn't ready for, and potentially make things worse.

Total Pilates Method for Movement


Learn the foundation exercises.


Check your basic principles.


Practice regularly to consolidate.

The Total Pilates Method for Movement - The best way to achieve long term health and fitness benefits.

My Method for Movement has become my unique style of teaching. It applies regardless of what level you are currently working at.

It has allowed me to create a membership for you that progress as you do. Each routine builds on the previous one, taking time to recap and practice earlier exercises.

But I don't just do this to help you learn the exercises. Working in a deliberate manner ensures that you become strong and supported through the centre of your body, creating support for your lower back and other joints, no matter what exercise you are doing. This helps to reduce muscle soreness and injury during exercise, but also in your daily life.

You'll develop a strong and supple body that feels free and easy to move, keeping you active and mobile.


Which of these results inspire you the most?

Simple and easy to follow instruction

I enjoy exercise, and it helps to keep the movement in my shoulder which I've had problems with. I'd looked for a while for Pilates classes and I'm pleased I found yours. I like the way you teach. You make it easy to understand and enjoyable to do.

Mrs A Pound, Wyre Forrest

Improve your fitness, flexibility and stamina

I feel very lucky to have found your classes at a time when bits and bobs start malfunctioning. I missed the days when I could spend whole days walking in the countryside, and it's shocked me how quickly I lose fitness, flexibility and stamina. Your interest in my age group is heartening and your effort in developing programmes is inspiring.

Mrs S, Worcestershire

Reduce pain and move more

I had frequent bouts of pain from my lower back, but neck and shoulder too. Now I can exercise and move about more. I have less specific areas of pain and feel my movement is much easier.

Mrs C, Bewdley

Stay active in your 70s

Over the 18 months I have been taking part in classes, I have experienced improvement in my flexibility. With Pilates, and especially with Natalie's emphasis on stretching, I feel the benefits, and am now playing golf 4 times a week. Something I never thought I would be doing at 76 years of age. Thank you.

A. Stanyer, Worcestershire

Join the Strong and Supple Membership


Some of the commonly asked questions about the membership.

Learn Pilates with Natalie

Hi, I'm Natalie. I'm a Pilates Teacher and Sports Therapist, and I specialise in working with women, particularly beginners, who are in their 50s and beyond. I am passionate about bringing safe and effective exercise to everyone, and encouraging your body to move easily with greater mobility, flexibility and control. With my experience, I will guide you through each exercise so you slowly become more aware of your body, and truly understand the reasons why we do each exercise. I will support and encourage you to always challenge what you think your body is capable of. 

Invest in YOUR health and wellness

It's easy to tell yourself that you'll start your new exercise plan tomorrow, but without some structure and guidance to show you where to start and how to progress so you start to feel the benefits, where do you start?

  • YouTube is great, but are the exercises appropriate or at the right level for you?
  • How do you stay inspired to continue with exercise, when you're not 100% sure if you're doing it right.
  • How do you know if the exercises are suitable for your problem hip, back or shoulder?
  • How much longer are you willing to put up with those aches and pains, or more importantly, are you prepared to let them get worse?

What is the advantage of a monthly membership?

  • It's better value than paying for a 1-2-1 session.
  • It's more flexible than a class at your local village hall.
  • You can do a workout at a time that suits you - at home or on holiday!
  • Do as many sessions as you want each month without any extra cost.
  • There will never be a price increase, and you can cancel anytime.

Join the Strong and Supple Pilates Membership


£22.00 per month


No set-up fees, no price increases (EVER!) and an easy one-click cancel anytime option.


Bonus #1

Your Personalised Pilates

Workout Plan

What better way to start your Pilates practice at home than with a tailored workout plan designed especially for YOU!

Once you join the membership, sit tight and I'll be in touch to find out the best way I can help you get started with your regular Pilates practice.

I'll check what experience you have and what you need help with first, before I get to work putting it together for you.

Bonus Courses Included


Bonus #2 - Pilates Posture Course

(Value £39.00)

My brand new Posture is now included in the membership.

You'll also get my Pain Spasm Cycle Guide, which explains muscle imbalances in the body and how they cause stiffness, pain and tension.

Bonus #3 - Flexible and Free

Pilates Programme

(Value £65.00)

All the sessions from this 4 week programme to help you become more supple in your body are now included in the membership.

Join the Strong and Supple Pilates Membership


£22.00 per month


No set-up fees, no price increases (EVER!) and an easy one-click cancel anytime option.



Disclaimer - Total Pilates is here to support you and provide guidance on Pilates exercise only, including demonstration and instruction while you are a member of Total Pilates at Home Membership. We do not guarantee that you will achieve your desire results, but will support you in the process. By joining the membership you must always be aware of your own health and safety while exercising and ensure that you have a suitable level of fitness. Please ensure that you have no medical conditions that may be made worse by exercise. If you are unsure, please check with your GP.