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The first 14 days of my plant-based diet

energy Apr 10, 2022
plant based nutrition

It’s been just a week since I started my 30 days to healthy living programme, and I’ve already started to notice a change in the way I feel.

Before I started, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I just wanted to explore the options of making my diet as healthy as possible.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the effect it has had on my energy levels.

Along with a change to plant-based meals, I also have a new morning routine. I start with lemon water, have a Glow Shot (a drink made up of nutrients, gut health support and an energy boosting fizz stick), plus a delicious smoothie for breakfast.

All of my meals are packed with lentils, beans and other foods that provide me with a good source of protein, and throughout the day I carry my drinks bottle with me that only contains water, and end the day with a herbal tea.

All of these changes have taken me from feeling tired in the mornings (even after a good night’s sleep), and even more tired in the evenings (by 6pm I’m already feeling weary). Know I have enough energy to carry me through the day, from first thing to 9pm in the evening.

I haven’t had this much energy since before I had the kids – 12 years ago!

Know I have reached the halfway point into my 30 days to healthy living programme, it has made me realise how tired, lethargic, and sluggish I was. Because I’ve been feeling like this for so long, I thought this was the normal way to feel. I never would have thought that something which is essential so easy to do, would have such a dramatic impact on the way I feel in such a short space of time.

I’ve also noticed that my mind seems clearer. I’m able to think better, which has made a big difference at work, as I no longer have ‘brain fog’ to stop me from being creative.

This may be because I haven’t had a headache since I started. Something else that I used to suffer with on a regular basis. But not anymore.

My mornings have been transformed. I go to work and teach 3 Pilates classes back-to-back and are still left with energy for more. My smoothie and Glow Shot are what really help me to kick start my day, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to tea and toast for breakfast again.

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