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Embracing a Plant Based Diet

plant based diet Apr 03, 2022
Plant Based Diet

So, what is a plant based diet?

Well basically it’s more fruit and veg and no meat.

I’ve realised a lot about plant based diets in the past few weeks, and one of the big surprises is how good the alternatives are.

There are so many good quality meat alternatives to buy now that offer protein packed goodness to mealtimes. I’ve tried quite a few, and they’ve be so good my husband hasn’t even realised he wasn’t eating meat, and the kids found it really tasty too. So much so, that their new favourite is meat free sausage plait.

To get a completely clean diet, opting for just fruit and vegetables is the way to go. But like many people thinking about going more plant based, I wanted to know how I could continue to get protein into my diet if all I was eating was fruit and veg.

I’ve come to release that there are actually more plant-based sources of protein than non-plant based. I for one thought that our main source of protein was from meat products, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

During my first week of embracing my new plant based diet I’ve filled up on lentils, walnuts, quinoa, black beans, almonds, sweet potato, leafy greens, and lots of berries and other fruit.

Before I started, I’d never had lentils and wasn’t a fan of quinoa, but I’ve discover some amazing recipes that help me get all of my daily protein requirements into a healthy and tasty meal.

And something else I’ve found is how filling these meals are. Not once during my first week have I had to reach for the snack cupboard.

However, I also realised that embracing a more plant based diet doesn’t necessarily mean going fully vegan. I’m just at the start of journey, and as I continue, I’m not sure at the moment if it will become easier or harder. I haven’t let tried eating out to see what options are available for me. Will I miss fish and cheese, two of my favourite things?

All I know at the moment is that I am going through this process to improve my health. And although I’ve always felt that I’ve had a reasonably good diet, I know that there is lots of improvements that can be made. So, for me at the moment, my priority is to find a healthy and nutritious diet that will support my health and my family’s health going forward.

As I approach 50, if there is anything I can do to help prevent unwanted health conditions and diseases in the future, then I’m willing to give it a go.


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